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Fort Davis Coffee Shop & Soda Fountain

It wasn't long ago the Drug Store was boarded up and vacant. As a historic building it needs lots of care and maintenance.

We appreciate your patience while we take care of all the maintenance issues, get a fresh coat of paint, renew the floors and turn the Drug Store into an awesome destination and a place for locals to hang out.

The Drug Store will re-open in Spring 2023 when these projects are finished.

The hotel is currently open with 24/7 self-check in.

Upon opening you will be greeted with lots of great new additions like a brand new Eversys Cameo Espresso machine, fresh roasted coffee in-house at the Drug Store, new milkshake bar stools and lots more great updates!

We appreciate your patience as some awesome locals are working hard to finish all these great updates to improve the Drug Store and improve your experience here.



Coffee, Milkshakes, Soda Fountain, Baked Goods and Salad Bar

Friday to Tuesday 8am-3pm

Coffee Shop Menu

Will be posted soon...

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